Frequently Asked Questions
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What Do I Need to Start Earning Bitcoin Here?
You only need a valid email address, nothing else. You don't need Username and password combination - just an email address.

What are Upgrade Credits (UPGCRD)?
Upgrade Credits (UPGCRD) are unique tokens that can be used to increase number of boxes You can open each day. Default number is 5 boxes / day for every player, but with Upgrade Credits You can increase this number permanently.

How many Upgrade Credits (UPGCRD) do I need for upgrade?
500 UPGCRD: 6 Boxes / day
1000 UPGCRD: 7 Boxes / day
2500 UPGCRD: 8 Boxes / day
5000 UPGCRD: 9 Boxes / day
7500 UPGCRD: 10 Boxes / day
10000 UPGCRD: 11 Boxes / day
12500 UPGCRD: 12 Boxes / day
15000 UPGCRD: 12 Boxes / day
17500 UPGCRD: 14 Boxes / day
20000 UPGCRD: 15 Boxes / day

How can I earn Upgrade Credits (UPGCRD)?
Upgrade Credits (UPGCRD) can be found in Crypto Boxes.
Upgrade Credits (UPGCRD) are rewarded to users who invite their friends through referral system.

What are Payment Credits (PAYCRD)?
Payment Credits (PAYCRD) are unique tokens that are used to request withdrawal of earned coins. Payment Credits (PAYCRD) are used to cover transfer fees.

How many Payment Credits (PAYCRD) do I need to request a withdrawal?
This is different for each coin and can vary on a daily basis due to changes in network transaction fees.

What are the payment options?
Coins You earned will be sent to Your Bitcoin wallet, or to Your Bitcoin FaucetPay address.

When do I get paid?
You can request withdrawal as soon as You fulfill these two conditions:
1. Gather more than minimum withdrawal amount for payment (100.000 Bitcoin Satoshis at the moment).
2. You have enough Payment Credits to cover transaction fees.

Why are there Ads on website?
Ads are there so that website can make some revenue. Part of that revenue is used to cover users payouts.
Without Ads - there weould be no payments...

Ads on website are crypto related and they are not agressive. There are no popups, popunders, or any similar stuff that we all hate :)

Am I allowed to have multiple accounts?
No, multiple accounts are forbidden. Any users caught "cheating" will be banned without prior warnings. - Crypto Faucet and Betting
Claim free Bitcoin Satoshis from BetFury faucet every 20 minutes.
Use claimed Satoshis to play various betting games, or simply withdraw earnings to Your wallet.

Daily Crypto Boxes

Every day You can open 5 (or more) crypto boxes for free. From each box You have 50% chance to win some coins/tokens. Very simple concept, everything is done with just few clicks/taps.

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Offers Page

Earn "Coin Credits" by finishing tasks like installing various Apps, taking surveys, watchin videos etc... Use Coin Credits to purchase crypto so You can withdraw Your crypto earnings more often.

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Crypto Websites

List of legit 3rd party websites (not run by Us) where You can earn some crypto every day. We tested each website ourselves and were paid by each and one of them in past.

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Crypto Apps

List of legit 3rd party Apps (not run by Us) where You can earn some more crypto every day. We tested each App ourselves and were paid by each and one of them in past.

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