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Read Crypto News & Earn ETH
Earn Ethereum (ETH) by reading and publishing crypto-related news and articles.

About Us

First of all - thank You for using :)

Here are few words about this website and it's history...

Website was founded back in early 2017, shortly after Bitcoin reached it's all-time high at 20k USD. For the first couple of years it was just a small portal-like informational website where visitors could find info and links to various legit websites and Apps for earning crypto.

In autumn 2020 I decided to upgrade website into portal where visitors can earn crypto.
However, I also kept informational nature of website so people can still use it to find links to other legit places to earn crypto online.

Yes, yes - it's all about earning crypto :)

Earn Bitcoins for Visiting Websites
Visit crypto related Websites and earn Bitcoin Satoshis... Easy way to earn some Bitcoins.

Buy, Trade & Store Your Coins -
Government-regulated EU based exchange. Trade 100 EUR worth of Crypto on their platform - You get 10 EUR in Bitcoin as a gift.

Daily Crypto Boxes

Every day You can open 5 (or more) crypto boxes for free. From each box You have 50% chance to win some coins/tokens. Very simple concept, everything is done with just few clicks/taps.

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Offers Page

Earn "Coin Credits" by finishing tasks like installing various Apps, taking surveys, watchin videos etc... Use Coin Credits to purchase crypto so You can withdraw Your crypto earnings more often.

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Crypto Websites

List of legit 3rd party websites (not run by Us) where You can earn some crypto every day. We tested each website ourselves and were paid by each and one of them in past.

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Crypto Apps

List of legit 3rd party Apps (not run by Us) where You can earn some more crypto every day. We tested each App ourselves and were paid by each and one of them in past.

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Free Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Android App
Legit Android App in which You can claim Free Bitcoin Cash (BCH) every hour.
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